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Sport has been going through its own #metoo movement since the USA Gymnastics scandal from 2017, with Australia seeing it’s own surge of public disclosures since 2020 from Gymnastics, Swimming, and Hockey to name a few. Our goal is to make sport safe, fun and inclusive for all Australians.

These issues grow from grassroots, and continue up into elite high performance programs. There are a few basic and simple steps that everyone can take to get us on the right track; check policies/processes, ask questions & seek answers to some tough and sometimes uncomfortable topics.

We want to make sure that you have the information you need to be proactive rather than reactive to all sport safeguarding issues.

  • Child Safety

  • Abuse & Assault

  • Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

  • Gender equality

  • Athlete Wellbeing

Please reach out to us via socials or our website if you have questions around these issues. All communications are confidential.



Summer 2021/22 - Back to Play Audit & Review

There has been a large impact to the Sports Industry due to COVID with limited staff, volunteer workforce, restricted budgets and resources.

To help ensure game-play if as safe as possible recommencing after lockdowns etc. we are offering assessment & review for clubs, schools & sporting organisations for the upcoming season - this can be done remotely. 

Sports are also in talks with Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) to adopt the new National Integrity Framework (NIF). There will be some policy and process changes regarding child safety and membership protection that all affiliated Clubs and Organisations will be required to adopt. The assessment and review of the initial consult (summarised below) will allow sports a more streamlined transition into the new framework. 


Initial Consult & Review:

  • Manual audit:

    • Working With Children (WWCC)

    • First Aid & CPR

    • Play By The Rules (PBTR) Learning Suite

    • SIA Anti Doping Level 1 & 2 etc.

  • Policy & Procedure

    • Website/member hub up to date: Alignment with State & National Policies​

    • Public Information: MPIO & Complaints Handler 


Workplace Health & Safety

  • All certificates are up to date & managed effectively

  • Face-to-face training available with COVID safe facilitator

  • SIA Anti-Doping & High Performance Standards


Manual Audit of current Working With Children (WWCC)

  • Review of current membership records: up to date and state regulation compliant

  • Alignment with NSO policy & process


Face-to-face and remote training available.

  • COVID Approved First Aid & CPR Courses

  • Safe Sport Review & Education Sessions for administrators, parents & membership


Contact via form below or through social media channels available in footer.

Thank you for your submission. We will be in touch ASAP.
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