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If you are currently in danger Call 000 immediately.

All sports have their own reporting processes.

For a full list of recognised sports in Australia, go to Sport Australia's website.


These reporting Processes can be found on your relevant sport's website in any of the following sections.

  • Membership Protection

  • Governance

  • Resources

  • Policies & Procedures

If you are unable to find the information you require or have further questions around this process, please contact SLC.


To make a report now outside of your sport, contact Sport Integrity Australia (SIA)


If you have a complaint that you think may be seen as a 'Historical Complaint' see our Sports and the NIF page on how to best manage this reporting process for your sport.


Reporting Process: Australia

The process below is a generic reporting process in alignment with the Play By The Rules Membership Protection Policy (MPP) that most sport's have adopted - pre-SIA NIF signing. If your sport has signed up to the NIF, please check your sport relevant website which can be found here.


Step 1: Contact your Membership Protection Information Officer (MPIO). This can be at Club, Association, State or National Level.

  • MPIO contact information should be available on your sport relevant website. If you are unable to find this contact information contact SLC.

  • Any discussions with an MPIO is a confidential enquiry however it is not considered a report.

  • Treat the MPIO as an 'Information Desk' to find out what your options are to deal with your issue/concern.

  • MPIO's will:​
    • listen carefully and ask questions to understand the nature and extent of the concern

    • ask what the you how you would like your concern to be resolved and if you need any support

    • explain the different options available to help resolve your concern - they are NOT to give advice or an opinion

    • inform the relevant government authorities and/or police, if required by law to do so (e.g. child abuse)

    • where possible and appropriate, maintain confidentiality but not necessarily anonymity

    • can be a present as a witness on behalf of the complainant if the issue becomes an official report

Step 2: Make an official 'formal' report with within your Sport. 

  • This process should be explained to you by your MPIO. They can help you complete this report if you would like assistance.

  • Reporting Paperwork forms and processes can usually be found in your relevant sports Policies & Procedures section of their website. 

  • If you are unable to find this information contact SLC

  • The person who has been harmed and/or is the one reporting may be referred to as the 'Complainant', the the person being reported on may be referred to as the'Respondent'.

Step 3: An Investigation will take place to assess the Report and recommend outcomes/actions to be taken.

  • A relevant Safe Sport Manager will investigate the report.

  • As a result of this investigation it may result in Mediation, Tribunals, Penalties, and/or potential external Organisations becoming involved depending on the severity of the report.

  • If either party believes that there has a been a breach of process in relation to the Sport Relevant Complaints Processes, an appeal or escalation can be submitted.

  • If the Respondent wishes to appeal an outcome of an investigation, this information on how to appeal the decision will be provided to them when receiving their sanction/determination.

  • These process can be found in your sport relevant Statues, Regulations and Policies.

  • If you are unable to find this information contact SLC, or contact SIA to make an external report (see below).

This is a confidential process and should be laid out on your sports website prior to your report on how to make a report within your sport.


If you do not feel comfortable or safe reporting through this process, contact SLC or Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) for initial enquiries or direct reports (see below).

Who Are We


Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) is the Federal Government Reporting Agency for all Sports, and is independent of the governing bodies. 

SIA's role is to provide advice and assistance regarding:

  • Child Safety

  • The use of prohibited substances and methods in sport (anti-doping)

  • Abuse of children and all other persons in a sporting environment (sexual, physical and mental)

  • Manipulation of sporting competitions (match-fixing)

  • Failure to protect members of sporting organisations and other persons in a sporting environment from bullying, intimidation, discrimination or harassment.

To make a confidential external report from your sport, go to the SIA website through the button below.


If your report is about an incident that happened before your sport signed up to Sport Integrity Australia's (SIA) National Integrity Framework (NIF), then SIA will direct you back to your sport to report. This is stated in section 11.2 of the NIF Complaints, Disputes & Discipline Policy. 

For a list of sports that have officially Implemented the NIF, please visit our page SPORTS & THE NIF page with links and documents to the policy you will be required to report under for your 'historical' report.

SIA Report
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