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In Australia there is no National Working With Children Check. As a sporting organisation, you host and run activities for children and vulnerable people and are required to meet the requirements of your State Legislation regarding child safety. 

Coming back to play after COVID-19, we understand that the WWCC may have not been the first priority, however this is a mandatory requirement to allow game play within your community. We have collated the State requirements and other details such as period of validity, age requirements, fines and links on renewing or obtaining your Working With Children Check. 

Keep in mind:

- Visting Teams & Officials must provide a valid and current WWCC form their state of residence. 

- Host Organisations must log and track these interstate checks for confirmation of valid checks, and for visiting limits within other states

- If a sporting official has or will exceed their visiting limitation for their WWCC, they must obtain a check in the state their will be delivering these services

- If a check expires, the sporting official (volunteer or paid) must provide an updated check before recommencing services

- A copy of all Checks and validation process must be kept on file in a secure location - for auditing and confidentiality purposes

- All Administrators (volunteer or paid) must hold a current and valid WWCC in their state of residence

If you have any questions regarding the Working With Children Check, or would like to enquire about an audit of your WWCC and other safety certificates ie. First Aid, CPR etc. please contact SLC. 

Parent Exemption

Limitations, Record Keeping, Child Safe Trianing (community)

Visiting Teams


Log Books, State Limitations, Processes for Tournaments & Competition



Age Requirements, Term of Validity, Renew & Obtain a WWCC, State Websites

Fines & Audits


State Fines & Penalties,

Auditing Process by State Child Safety Office

Parent Exemption

Helping out in your community is great, however just 'helping out' does need a few checks and balancing for your and your child's safety. 

Each sporting club/organisation will have their own requirements to deliver services a coach, referee, manager, statistician or other administration or sporting officials. Speak with your club Secretary for more information on your role and potential requirements. 

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding your WWCC requirements as a Parent.

- Parent Exemptions are not a Working With Children Check. 

- Parent Exemptions are not permitted for paid (even as a hobby), overnight or interstate travel.

- You may only register under the Parent Exemption for your child's team at a community level.

- Clubs/Organisations must keep a record of your use of the Parent Exemption. This must be 'renewed/updated' every season and for each team you deliver services to for your child.

There is some additional training that we would recommend for Parents that are required by most sports to deliver services. These are generic child & sport safety courses (at no cost) that will allow you to have a better understanding of your role and responsibilities within your sporting community.


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